GPS detector

GPS technology in defense against speed radars

By using GPS technology, we get more accurate information about the location of nearby stationary radar speedtraps, and in the meantime the number of false alarms can be decreased as well. Detectors with built-in GPS database can provide information about stationary radar speedtraps, which do not emit any kind of signals, therefore cannot be detected with Radar- and Laser Detectors, nor with Laser Jammers. 

As part of the VÉDA Camera Network for Intelligent Traffic Surveillance project, 365 new static and automatic speed capture devices will be put into service from 2015. These radar speedtraps cannot be moved, therefore they can be detected by using GPS technology. Detectors with GPS technology use a built-in database (which can be updated) and a GPS receiver. With the help of these, the Detectors can constantly follow our current position and warn us about speed radars or other dangers. When closing on a detected radar, the GPS Detector shows us the distance and the speed limit, therefore we can adjust the speed of the vehicle if necessary.